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Hey guys, this is the page I created for my role playing character, Tintara Crystalis. This page will be under a constant state of construction, so you will find many parts of it unfinished. Thank you for visiting.

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Picture of Tintara drawn by Lynn Guerra

Tintara Crystalis

intara Crystalis stands a slender 4'9", with long red-gold hair down to her knees and large gold eyes which shine brightly, taking everything in. As a Dryad, her pale, sharp features have a tinge of the color of leaves to them, and her frame is much like that of a young girls. Though Dryads live for hundreds of years, they keep that young form which so often confuses those who don't know the ways of the Dryads.

Tintara almost always prefers to wear the classic forest dress of the Dryads, a short, bouncy, forest green dress with a scoop neck and long, tight sleeves which connect to her middle fingers. She piles her hair atop her head, taming it to contain it within her favorite coronet, golden and shaped like oak leaves. Over her dress she wears a short, heavy, violet velvet cape, hoodless with a silver crescent clasp at her throat.

Belted at her waist on her left hip, when she goes out of Ys, is a steel sword with a ribbed blade and platinum teardrops in the eyes of the dragon-shaped hilt. Always on her right hip is a silver dagger with thorn vines engraved in the ribbed blade and a hilt of platinum inside of a black leather scabbard with silver thron vines stitched in it. Also on that side is a medium-sized violet leather drawstring pouch, containing a smaller, jingling pouch of coins, and all sorts of juices, extracts, powders, and essences of plants that grow around Ys. She always wears soft, moccasin like boots that come up to her ankle and lace tightly. By her side stands a huge, muscular pure white tiger with black stripes, larger in size than Tintara herself. Tintara found Tigris mewing pathetically in the northern section of the woods of Ys when he was merely a cub, but days old. He had been abandoned by his mother and would surely have died within a day. Tintara took him back to her home and fed him, took care of him until he was large enough to go out on his own, and then she brought him back to where she found him and let him go. Tigris had other plans, though. He stayed with Tintara and now follows her everywhere.

Tintara was born Tintara Ce'Nedra to Aeleina, a high priestess and the leader of the Dryad community at Ys, in 419 ad. (Dryads, like most forest-dwelling creatures, do not keep track of time as well as others, for it has less meaning to them) Tintara was one of a set of twins, the other named Gwendolyn, who was older by a minute.

Gwendolyn and Tintara were inseperable. They ate alike, dressed alike, spoke alike, smiled alike, and laughed alike. Favorites in the community, they led a life of bliss, until Gwendolyn's life ended tragically in a brutal murder. Tintara continues alone, destined one day to take the place that Gwendolyn would have, and fill their mother's shoes.

At the age of 16, Tintara found herself in the Wayfarer's Inn, in the town of RhyDin, to escape the cold of a swirling blizzard. On the first day of the 11th month, Tintara's 17th year, she married Cylic Crystalis, the owner of that inn.

Tintara's best friend is Ariana, who was sent to look after Tintara during the days following Gwendolyn's death.

Aeleina Ariana The cove

Cylic Fire Gwendolyn

Lunet Hazia Tintara's room

Tigris Ys

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