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Taeleri Braeca Tyr Nectan

Taeleri Taeleri is another of the Faery kind, but instead of living in the woods of Ys, she lives in the woods devoted to the Faery in the land called Arcadia. She lives alone in a little house hidden high up in a large oak tree, and she owns a shoppe for the Bath, Body, and home in the main town square of Arcadia. She is 15 years of age, and has a bubbly, happy personality. Though usually very calm and mature, she can be disgustingly cute, especially when she wants something from you. She's at that odd age where one has trouble deciding between joining the ranks of the adults, or staying amongst the children. Stubborn at times, Taeleri is willing to fight for what she belives in. She is an absolute lover of life, and as all Faeries, has a natural love of all nature. She is fascinated with human babies and small children. She is a wonderful swimmer, and takes a daily swim in a little pool in a tiny stream right next to her tree. She also loves to sing, to dance, to sew, and to play her harp. Like all Faery, Taeleri has been able to harness some magical powers, particularily those of changing size, herbal magic, being invisible, making things appear, and being able to learn more magic.

When in the Faery form, Taeleri is 4 inches tall and weighs about 11 ounces. She is a very slender Faery, and so not that strong. She has gold hair which she likes to wear long, loose, and wavy, and large silver eyes. She has one set of pale, shimmery lavender wings, about 3/4 her own legnth. Her skin is a soft, light light bronze, with a subtle warm golden shimmer that is visible only if the light shines on it. Her lips are a frosty lavender. She is rather fond of sleek dresses in silvers and blues, as seen here, but when she goes to work in her shoppe, she usually wears a lavender dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves, a lace up bodice, and a flaring skirt. Taeleri

In order for Taeleri to work at her shoppe, she transforms herself into correct human form. When in this body, she is 5'7", and keeps her wings. She weighs about 107 when in her human form. Her skin retains the shimmer, and her wings are still visible.

As you enter Taeleri's shoppe, a little bell above the door chimes to alert Taeleri to your presence here. The walls are lined with all sorts of products for the bath, body, and home, and the center floor is filled with displays. Intoxicating aromas draw you to about the store, where you find soaps, oils, candles, gels, fragrances, potpourris, makeup, shampoos and conditioners, bubble baths, home fragrances, and all sorts of bath, body, and home products imaginable lining the shelves and filling the displays. Behind a low counter stretching halfway across the back of the room sits Taeleri, in her winged human form, on a stool. An ancient register sits perched on the counter. On the left wall of the shoppe is a spiral staircase leading to the second floor that's been closed off with a red velvet rope and a sign reading, 'Employees Only'. As Taeleri notices you, she stands up and smiles, her pale, shimmery lavender wings fluttering. "May I help you?"

Taeleri Upon opening the door to Taeleri's house you see a hallway leading to a living room in the back of the house, and a door on each side of the hallway. The walls of the lower floor are painted an opalescent cream, and the plain wooden floors are decorated with hand woven rugs, depicting scenes of forest life. The door to the left leads to a small bathroom, with a toilet and a sink. The door to the right leads to the kitchen. The scent of fresh-baked bread always seems to linger here, and the walls gleam from the light coming in from the three skylights in the roof. The wall facing the living room has been knocked down, and only a counter separates the two rooms. The kitchen is complete with counters lining two of the walls, a sink, a wood-burning stove with two covers on top for pots or kettles, a smaller wood-burning stove for heat, cupboards lining the walls above the sink for dishes, and two large cupboards on the floor for food. In one corner of the living room is an oak table with two chairs, both intricaly carved with ivy and floral designs all over. The chairs have cloth-covered cushions on the seats. In the center of the room sit two couches, facing each other and terribly inviting. They are both cream colored and piled high with hand-made throw pillows of natural colors: greens, browns, reds, and yellows. The couches are wonderfully worn in, and extremely comfy. A large Faeryfireplace provides heat for the room. Towards the back of the room is another table, but this one is cluttered with patterns, fabrics, needles, and other sewing utensils. A bureau next to the table is home to bolts of fabric, and even more threads, needles, pins, and tools. On top of the bureau sits a small box with four locked drawers in it, where Taeleri keeps all her work papers, with records of all that has been sold, and all that is in the store. French doors leading off onto a small balcony with two chairs and a small table on it wall off the back wall of the house. In the back is a spiral staircase leading up to the second floor. The second floor has only two rooms: Taeleri's bedroom, and a complete bath. The walls upstairs are painted a light, sea foam green and the ceilings have numerous skylights. Taeleri's room consists of a large bed, much like the couches downstairs, a bureau and closet for her clothes, several hand woven rugs on the floor, a desk with several drawers and candles, a full-length mirror, and another balcony with a stairway leading to the one below. Another large fireplace provides heat. The bathroom is large, and lavish. Taeleri is in her element here. There is a toilet, sink, large bath, and several cupboards full of bath and body products, her passion. A small, pot-bellied stove sits in the corner.

Taeleri has one pet, a dragonfly named Zip, who is actually more like a companion than a pet. Zip is a large dragonfly with irradescent stripes down his back. He stays with Taeleri all through the day, except when she's at work, and goes off to his small nest to sleep at night.

Learn about the Fae

A little Faery on wings of silver flies up to you and whispers with a piping voice in your ear, "You're the person to visit Taeleri since the start of the fourth month."