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The southern part of Ys is an eyesore indeed. Unless, of course, you like swamps, bogs, and death.

The main color that you see in this area is a kind of browney-grey, the color of dying leaves that have been packed underneath snow for too long. The entire area is flooded, and dark, skeleton-like trees stick out of the water and have branches that reach out at you like claws. The sun never seems to shine here, for a thick layer of mist and fog surrounds the area. The only sounds to be heard are frogs, and the occasional wolf's howl or splash in the water.

The ever-present mist is so thick in some areas that you can not see your feet. It it in a few of these places, though, that solid ground awaits your feet. The Dryads have come to know where these paths are, and so they can easily find their way into the clearing, when they have ventured out of Ys.

One may see this place of death as a natural defense of Ys. The murkiness discourages all but the foolish from entering, and so the only way known to get in is by boating down the rapid waters of the Lycrot River.

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