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unet is Tintara's horse. He was a present from Aeleina when Tintara turned 15 years old. Her sister, Gwendolyn, recieved a similar horse.

Lunet is pure white, with a blue-silver mane and tail. His eyes are silvery violet, and there is a blue crescent-shaped mark on his forehead.

Tintara had the crafters at Ys make her a saddle, polished so that it shines, enlaid with gold. The leather of the saddle has been carved in an intricate pattern along the edges, and thin lines of beaten gold have been fit in so that the patterns show against the brown of the leather. The reins are the same way, and so are the saddle bags.

Lunet loves to take long runs, especially in the apple orchards in the northern section of Ys, where he often gets a treat. Tintara is indulgent. Lunet is a very mischevious horse, and he loves to try to run away from Tintara and to play tricks on her. He's smart though, and so he never strays far or does anything to cause injury. Tintara and Lunet have between them a sort of game, in which Lunet tries to think up new and exciting ways to get away from Tintara, and somehow Tintara manages to catch him in the act, or before hand. Sometimes. Though the talk that Tintara give to Lunet may seem harsh, you need to understand the game that the two of them have. When you do, you see that Tintara truly loves Lunet very much.