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The Faery Kind

ot only do the Dryads inhabit Ys, but a large community of Faery Kind finds their home there, too.

The Faeries living at Ys are of all different Faery races, but they consider themselves one large family. A mischevious bunch, they love to play tricks on unsuspecting Dryads.

The Faeries live all over Ys, in such places as befits their nature. Hollowed out tree logs, underneath waterfalls, in flowers, underneath mushrooms etc.

The Faeries have great power, but they are very modest about it. They draw their power from the life all around them, and use it to play their tricks, and also to protect the woods and their home from those who would seek to harm it.

Though the Faeries are tricksters at heart, they care greatly for all around them, and strive to protect all that is living. The Faeries are able to live for as long as they wish, and to assume whatever form they please, though they usually go about in their faery form, for they hate to feel the bodies of other beings dying around them, for the Faeries know no unwanted death.

This is Princess Neirina, of the Faery Kind. She And Tintara are great friends and love to spend time together in the apple orchards, where Neirina and her mother, Queen Caeniea live. They live in a small cave of rose quartz behind a waterfall, and Tintara needs merely whistle to get Neirina out to be with her.

I adopted Neirina here: