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The forest of Ys

intara, along with all the other Dryads in her community, live in the forest of Ys, just outside of the town of RhyDin. Unacessable from any road, Ys has remained completely hidden, but for the few who know of it. It spans for thousands of acres, and is made of of mostly broadleaf trees.

In the center of the woods is a large clearing. Everything in the clearing revolves around Aeleina's tree, which is the main and largest tree in the wood. It is so large that it can be seen from RhyDin, some 5 legues away, and it has been carved into so that much of the Dryad community, without houses of their own, can live inside. Aeleina is able to feed power to her tree so that it won't suffer from being hollowed out as such.

In front of Aeleina's tree is a large building that serves as a 'Town Hall' for the Dryads. Upon a dias at the front of the auditorium is where Aeleina talks to the community. Tintara sits at her right side, and several senior priestesses sit to her left.

Behind Aeleina's tree is a span of tables that act as the main eatery for those Dryads who don't have houses, which are many. (Only priestesses are allowed houses.) The Dryad diet consists of berries, nuts, roots and plants, all collected during the spring and summer and eaten fresh, and then dried for the winter. They drink only water from the Lycrot River.

Behind and to the left of Aeleina's tree is the armory. Swords, bows, arrows, daggers, crossbows, and all sorts of armour are kept here for whoever might need them.

The smithys are behind the armory. Silver smiths, gold smiths, iron smiths, bronze, platinum, and all sorts of stone cutters preform their work here. These smiths are extremely skilled Dryads, trained to do their work without the use of Fire. Everything is done by hand.

The stables are in the woods. Many, many horses are kept here for whoever might need them. Tintara was given a horse by her mother, named Lunet.

The winters in Ys are fairly mild, for the trees offer a great deal of protection. Only in times of great need, when food is scarce, do the Dryads hunt for flesh. They kill only what they need and try to make use of as much of it as they can. The Lycrot River, which seperates Ys and RhyDin, flows all around and through Ys, and forms a lake and several streams in the clearing.